Credits & Reliefs available

R&D Tax Credits

Does your company do any form of unique innovation?


You may think your company does not do any research and development, but that's one reason why so many companies have missed out on an amazing annual credit or cash-back from the government since scheme inception in 2000/01.


You don't have to be involved in rocket science or the pharmaceutical sector to qualify for an R&D tax credit - you don't even have to manufacture a product.  You just need to do something unique, whether producing a product, enhancing a process, developing or integrating software, or even an in-house IT project.


The average UK SME obtained £53k R&D cash-back last year and the average large company RDEC scheme obtained £272k. Don't try and self-assess - call the R&D tax specialists!


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Capital Allowances

Does this look like it is an empty building?


 Well, it's not, it's jam-packed with high value items that can be claimed for tax relief / tax rebate purposes.  If you own commercial property of any kind, you may be sitting on a gold mine with unclaimed relief.  An estimated 80% of commercial property owners have not claimed their full entitlement, due to being unaware of how this can benefit them, or due to various wrong assumptions that have been made.


Regardless of when you purchased the property and as long as your own the freehold or paid a capital sum for a long-term leashold, you may well be eligible.  Likewise, if you paid a significant sum for a refit, refurbishment or extension, there may be hidden value too.


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Patent Box

Does your company hold patents or have patents pending?


The government's Patent Box scheme creates a competitive tax environment for companies to develop and exploit patents in the UK, supporting business investment and growth.


Are you a UK Company liable for Corporation Tax that holds interests in qualifying product or process patents whether owned or exclusively licensed, or have patents pending?


Patent Box can create a profits deduction or a reduced tax rate on patent income.


Even if the patented element of the product is minor, 100% of income arising from the product could still fall into the scheme.


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